The new standard for cross-border projects & transactions

It's no secret that lawyers are not project managers by nature, but did you know that 50% of fees for cross-border projects managed by law firms go towards non-legal administrative tasks? We find this hard to believe given that the work is often overdue and over budget.

So we've been busy crafting a better way.
Rather than turning to traditional firms, that often fail to meet deadlines and budget effectively, more and more legal teams are turning to Lexoo for support on multi-jurisdictional projects.

With Lexoo managed projects our clients have the benefit of our legal project managers who use innovative processes and the latest tech to scope, plan and co-ordinate local counsel and service delivery across the globe.


Cross-border transactions


Regulatory questionnaires


Localisation of terms and conditions

Lexoo is uniquely placed to help teams coordinate local counsel around the globe, through our dedicated team of legal project managers. Our project managers help you maximise efficiency and take the planning, chasing, and managing off your plate. They’ll be your single point of contact helping navigate the risks and challenges that arise, and make sure the project is running on time.
Examples of the kind of cross-border deals Lexoo can assist in-house teams with:
    • M&A transactions
    • Cross-border finance transactions
    • Local regulatory advice
    • Localisation of commercial terms
    • Local employment advice
    • Foreign debt collection

Lexoo's geographical reach

Currently, our geographical reach spans more than 70 countries, and is rapidly expanding. We have a dedicated legal network team that expands our network of lawyers to meet client demand. 


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Project management

You have access to a dedicated project manager at all times, who’ll assume operational control of the project and take the planning, coordinating, and chasing off your plate. By having a single point of contact, in-house lawyers no longer need to chase multiple lawyers across the globe. 
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Handpicked specialists

We handpick only the best-suited local counsel from each jurisdiction to suit your specific matter. Our network of more than 1100+ lawyers across 70 jurisdictions is uniquely placed to provide high-quality, tailored support for international matters and cross-border deals.
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Fixed fee pricing

Instead of paying law-firm hourly rates, you’ll receive a competitive fixed-fee quote for the entire project, giving cost-certainty upfront. Upfront fixed fee pricing means your team can budget with certainty and hire with confidence.
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Detailed scoping

The basis of any successful project is careful planning upfront. Our project managers provide detailed project scoping to deeply understand the strategic goals and commercial context behind each project.
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Centralised billing

Since Lexoo is the party on your procurement system, by onboarding one supplier you gain access to a global network of lawyers. Lexoo provides a consolidated billing solution for fees incurred across numerous projects and jurisdictions.

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Management Information

Lexoo allows you to take a data-driven approach to budgeting and reporting. Lexoo's project managers can breakdown legal spend such as by team / country / legal area, and trending patterns.